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Miller Place High School

Family ID Sports Registration - how to sign up

Family ID Sports Registration

In order to tryout and/or participate in any sport you must register your child by providing pertinent information and complete the MPSD required acknowledgment forms.  To help streamline this process, the Athletics Department uses the services of Family ID as our registration platform. 

To access the registration window please visit and set up your account.  A document with step-by-step instructions is also attached for your use...or please call the Athletic Office and we will walk you through the process.

The advantages are that once your data is entered you will no longer have to re-enter such information.  You also have immediate access to update or change information when necessary, as opposed to waiting until the next sports season.  Family ID is FERPA compliant independent company with the security of your information at the root of its service.

FAMILY ID REGISTRATION is required PRIOR to tryouts & participation!!! Registration notifications to the Athletic Department is how we start to verify an individual's sports physical.  Please refer to the listed "tryout dates" on the Athletic Home Page.


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